coaching excellence

Seeking Excellence in Account Leadership
Ensure that your salespeople have the necessary skills and tools to be at the top of their selling game.
Covers key practices through every phase of the selling process such as new business developement,
needs analysis, solutions, negotiations/closing and how to stay top of mind with your clients once the sale is made.
Includes the Key Practices for Selling Excellence Toolkit, highly engaging and practical training,
and easy to use tools for sustained selling excellence.

What We Do

PHASE 1: The Blueprint

We identify and document what your top performing salespeople and managers do throughout your sales process to be so successful... the practices, behaviors, and disciplines they follow to be the best.

We turn this into a blueprint for success -- specific to YOUR organization and YOUR way of selling. It's YOUR model, not someone else's! Some sales training companies try to sell you a pre-packaged or proprietary model that requires you to spend big dollars to use or lots of time to fit to your way of selling. Not vie™.

Measurement Approach
The blueprint helps to create the standards and expectations of excellence when it comes to behaviors and skills in which the sales executives can be measured against.

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PHASE 2: SEAL Training


SEAL training is designed to help your sales teams understand the Blueprint and how to incorporate it into their daily selling and coaching. It incorporates intense simulations that replicate real-life selling situations. This provides critical practice with key elements of the Blueprints allowing your sales teams to understand where their gaps and strengths are and how best to raise their selling excellence for higher performance.

Measurement Approach

The SEAL for coaching excellence methodology creates the platform to observe sales managers in action with key elements of the coaching Blueprint. It exposes skill and knowledge gaps and strengths and provides feedback/coaching on how to improve. This becomes part of the coaching toolkit and game plans (critical tools to measure progress) moving forward.

Each sales manager will create a game plan that focuses on how they expect to continue their progress and apply the key practices in their day-to-day coaching. Each sales leader will create a coaching game plan that focuses on how they expect to coach each of their sales executives over the next months.

PHASE 3: SEAL Coaching & Reinforcement


The SEAL reinforcement process provides tools and disciplines to reinforce key behaviors and skills learned during the training. This helps drive significant business results. Personalized tools include the Key Practices for Selling Excellence Toolkit, the Key Practices for Coaching Excellence Toolkit, Game Plans, and coaching calls after SEAL training.

Measurement Approach
We work with the team to define metrics that are most relevant and reasonable to measure. Examples include:

  • 1:1s – review of game plan progress, practice
  • Discussion/observation of progress in daily selling
  • Pre-customer meeting strategy discussions
  • Observation during customer meetings
  • Post-customer meeting debriefs
As adoption of new behaviors becomes habit, we can begin to gauge impact to performance. We would work with the team to define metrics that are most relevant and reasonable to measure.