Partner Bios

Paul Shapiro, Co-Founder and Partner of vie

Paul ShapiroPaul is obsessed with helping organizations drive a higher level of client engagement through their most important brand assets, their people. He has helped improve business top and bottom lines for a diverse range of industries including Communications, Marketing, Media, Insurance, Manufacturing, Consulting, Financial and Healthcare organizations.

Along with Sue Anderson, Paul launched vie in 2006, a company that helps organizations embrace preparation, practice and a mindset of never being satisfied when it comes to client engagement effectiveness and coaching.

He has supported the success of thousands of sales, consulting and service professionals around the globe and is a highly skilled strategist, speaker and trainer on a mission to help his clients institutionalize client engagement excellence.

Paul spent 13 years in account leadership roles within marketing and communication firms and also was involved with the creation and launch of a successful nutrition company.

With Susan, Paul has also created “Vie for the Kids” a Connecticut based foundation that has raised more than $700,000 for Children’s Cancer Clinical Trials.

Sue Anderson, Co-founder and Partner of vie

Sue is an evangelist for driving significant new revenue growth and sustainable results for companies looking to capture and keep their competitive edge.

She has a reputation for extraordinary success in elevating people and teams to higher levels of excellence. She is a sought-after speaker, facilitator, and coach and she has a life philosophy which is: 110%. No excuses.

Before founding vie with Paul Shapiro, Sue held executive and senior level positions in Sales, Sales Operations, Learning & Development and Technology. She has worked in and with a variety of industries including Healthcare, Media (traditional and digital), Advertising, Financial, Insurance, and Manufacturing, which includes both domestic and international work. In other words, she has been there and done it, which brings a reality based strategic mindset and approach to her work.

Sue has made a significant impact in the lives of many people she has worked with over the years. She understands the habits, disciplines and characteristics of high performing sales & account management executives and managers. Sue has an incredible ability to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of individuals, teams, and organizations and help them produce break-through results through the work vie does.