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Business Situation:  Highly competitive industry.  Commoditization was big risk. Transformation was required including new value proposition,  broader portfolio to sell, new roles & expectations, and new processes.   No training platform.  Branch model made it challenging to drive consistency and leverage best practices.  There was pressure to execute on this quickly and do it well.

Our Work:   Created and implemented sales excellence platform to ensure successful transformation for several hundred salespeople & leaders (local and national) Assessed sales organization to help determine new role assignments. Created and implemented Blueprints for Selling & Coaching Excellence.  Developed & delivered training to embed new behaviors and expectations.   Created and implemented a reinforcement platform to drive sustainability.


  • Millions of dollars of new revenue directly tied to this work. These results were realized less than 4 months after the start of implementation across their sales organization.
  • Unified and energized sales and sales support culture.

Business Situation:   Competitive landscape was forcing shift from transactional to strategic selling but sales unable to execute on this.  Sales results were sub optimal. Disengaged sales force.  Lack of coaching from sales leaders. No formalized sales process. No new hire onboarding.  Unhealthy turnover.

Our Work:  Created and implemented sales excellence platform for several hundred local and national sales teams. This included creating a training platform for new pricing strategies, competitive intelligence, product launches, new systems, processes, and tools, as well as selling skills development and new hire on-boarding.


  • New hire on-boarding platform drove an 87% increase in sales revenue, a 54% decrease in average ramp time, and a decrease in first year turnover by 13%.
  • Other platforms helped generate millions in additional revenue and were cited by both leaders and sales people as the reason why they were successful in closing new business ranging from $100K to $20MM.

Business Situation:  To remain competitive, achieve company growth goals and drive efficiencies, transformation required of 150 distribution centers impacting 3500 employees.   No consistent standards of excellence (150 different ways of doing things).  Current processes were broken and undocumented.  No unified culture.   Unhealthy turnover (23-49% depending on role) with no on-boarding platform. Branch model made it challenging to drive consistency and leverage best practices. No way to gauge true quality of talent.

Our Work:   Created and implemented a Supply Chain excellence platform which included Standard Work & Leader Standard Work, new hire on-boarding platform, certification process, visual management, and on-line central information repository for all business process and training documents.  Trained distribution leadership in new operating system in record time.  This included a Train-the-Trainer approach to prepare them to deliver Standard Work to their teams and build a culture/platform of continuous improvement.


  • $200MM+ identified in operational efficiencies as a result of continuous improvement platform.
  • A transformed culture with higher performing, unified and energized leadership, driver and warehouse teams.

Business Situation:  There was tremendous concern about competition and pricing pressure.  Agency recognized how critical it was to communicate a stronger value proposition and be much more proactive in protecting and growing revenue with accounts.  Agency also recognized how important it was for internal teams to work together to provide the greatest value to clients.

Our Work:  Created and implemented Blueprints for Client Engagement Excellence & Coaching Excellence.   Created and delivered learning to embed new behaviors and expectations into organization across several of their agencies.

Results:  Several millions of dollars in account growth which included winning business without the need to go to RFP.   CEO/President: “Wow - That one word basically sums up what every single person who has attended the training has said…I have never heard such incredible, stupendous and…consistent feedback. I can't thank you enough for ensuring that this was a truly beneficial program. I think you knew my hesitation at withdrawing folks from billing time during this critical end of year period; and especially after hurricanes, storms, etc. etc. which further compromised our productivity…but, boy am I glad you persisted!.”

Business Situation: Company was experiencing significant disruption due to changing consumer buying habits and emerging non-traditional competitors putting revenue & growth at risk.  Increasing the skills and confidence of the sales organization to sell in the new world was critical to future sales success.

Our Work: Created Customer Engagement Blueprint and embedded in Sales organization through intensive simulation based training.  This included training sales leaders on how to be facilitators & coaches in the learning process to ready the organization for future change and learning deployments.

Results: Prepared, re-energized & confident sales organization putting the company in a much better position to win in a very disruptive marketplace.

Business Situation: New Client Renewal and Growth Strategy processes were needed to ensure greater revenue generation and efficiencies

Our Work: Created and deployed learning to several thousand people in Sales, Marketing & Product Management, and Underwriting.  Created and implemented learning for 3 concurrent major product launches impacting the National Accounts sales team. Included e-learning, client/producer simulations, leadership train-the-trainer, certification, and reinforcement.

Results: Both initiatives were successfully implemented within the organization in three months

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