Once your Blueprint for Excellence is created, it needs to be embedded into your organization.  That doesn’t happen by chance.  The right kind of learning must be implemented to ensure people understand the new standards of excellence and are skilled and confident to use them.

Our Approach to Learning is Differentiated

Our mantra is “better to sweat in practice than bleed in battle.”  Time is not wasted on lecture or theory but rather is focused on intense practice simulations that replicate real life .  There is a ton of self reflection/assessment and feedback from managers and peers .  This helps ensure employees dramatically increase their skills in areas that drive performance, all while doing so in a safe learning environment.  Our approach builds confidence and buy-in to live and breathe these new standards of excellence every single day.   This has been a significant game changer for our clients.


Because the content of the learning is based on your Blueprint, it ensures everything is completely relevant and focused on what is most meaningful to your customers, your people, and your company.


We activate learning in a variety of ways from live/in-person to e-learning & e-practice depending on the needs and size of an organization and the depth of the transformation required.    But whatever kind of learning is required to activate and embed your Blueprints into your organization, we make it simple and easy to work with us.

  • 42% of reps attain first-year quote through coaching and learning (versus 35% without).

  • 27% greater revenue realized from well-trained & coached reps (versus reps with no training).

Live/In-Person Learning

Vie can either prepare your internal teams such as functional leadership, operations, and learning & development to deliver the learning within your organization or Vie can deliver it if your resources are limited in size, time or talent.

Because we are intimately involved with you in building your Blueprints, we get to know your organization well which gives us the knowledge and skills to be able to do this.   We also bring years of expertise given the work we’ve done within multiple industries and companies.


Who wants to use complicated learning management software that isn’t user-friendly? Nobody. That’s why our learning platform is so easy to use. And you can provide learning no matter where your people are, on any device.

We’ve also got tools and communication channels to make discussion and feedback easier and more intuitive.  And because learners forget 70 percent of what they learn within 24 hours, we’ve got some cool ways to help ensure they retain what they learn.

Virtual Practice

87% of all skills are lost within the first month of any learning session unless they are reinforced with practice and coaching. We know how critical it is to practice but the issue is ensuring it not only happens, but that it happens on a consistent basis.   We get that.

So our platform provides the ability to practice virtually without needing to be in a classroom and get feedback from managers and peers.   New skills are not only sustained this way but continue to improve because of frequent, on-going practice, reinforcement, and feedback.  Individuals who exemplify excellence are identified so they can serve as a model for other team members.