New Hire Onboarding

Concerned about the cost of turnover to your organization?   How about the disruption to the customer experience?  Or to your team’s culture?  Are new employees taking too long to become productive?  Are you spending a lot of time on-boarding and training new people?  Concerned that your current on-boarding program isn’t making an inspiring and exciting impression with new hires?

It’s why having a strong on-boarding platform that is comprehensive, simple to implement, and engaging for new employees can save a ton of aggravation, time and money.   And we can help you do that.

Our on-boarding platform is designed to help you

  • Onboard Faster
  • Accelerate Results
  • Reduce Risk
  • Excite and Engage
  • Drive a Consistent Experience

And we’ve driven some pretty awesome results…

EXAMPLE - National Marketing/Media Services Company Struggling with High Turnover

We created a New hire on-boarding platform which drove an 87% increase in sales revenue, a 54% decrease in average ramp time, and a decrease in first year turnover by 13%.

EXAMPLE - National Retailer Managing High Volume of New Hires Due to 10-15% Yearly Growth

Our on-boarding platform drove an increase of 10% in sales revenue, decreased average ramp time from 9 months to 3 months, and decreased sales attrition by 50%.