Our Model

It starts with developing a Blueprint for Excellence which outlines the key practices, behaviors, disciplines, processes tools, and expectations that drive performance and results for your company.  It unifies your organization through consistent, repeatable, and sustainable standards of excellence that everyone understands. We have found that very few organizations have defined the key practices, disciplines, and behaviors that drive client strategy, account leadership and coaching practices nearly as well as they could or should.

When you have the right Blueprint as an asset – can you imagine how much easier it is to develop your sales team?  To ensure they are your focused on doing the right things when under pressure and disruption?  To bring new people on board? And to get and keep everyone on the same page?

Nobody builds a better Blueprint than Vie.   The approach we take ensures a shared sense of ownership and complete relevance, pride and adoption.

Next, we activate your Blueprint within your organization through hard hitting learning so everyone not only understands the new standards and expectations but has the confidence and skill to live them every day with customers and with each other.

Our environments are changing so fast right now. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. It’s critical to ensure every individual on your team is prepared and ready. We help you get them ready through highly realistic practice, deep reflection and recognition of strengths & gaps, and honest feedback all done in a safe learning environment.

This approach has driven significant business results for our clients and has been a game changer for their culture.

The last piece is all about sustainability…on-going reinforcement and coaching to sustain and optimize the standards of excellence that create the right performance, behaviors and culture within an organization.

From Performance Management, to Communications, Continued Learning, Best Practice Sharing, and Reward & Recognition - This is a part of sales force and team effectiveness that many ignore and then wonder why results are not sustained.

This is the special sauce that we bring to not only get our clients there but to keep them there.