Performance Management

High performing leaders understand that developing their people directly impacts the success of their business. But creating a performance management strategy that aligns with business goals, is backed by a learning strategy that fills skill gaps, and isn’t just a once a year review process that no one gets real value from is extremely difficult.  In short, the performance management process needs a new approach.

Feedback and coaching need to be on-going and easier to do, especially for organizations that have employees and leaders spread across multiple geographies and offices.  Meaningful employee development happens through frequent 1:1 meetings, not the annual review. Frequent feedback and check-ins between managers and employees help them grow faster, stay happier, and stay longer.

That’s why we have a platform that gives you the ability to do this so that regular coaching and feedback become a part of your culture every day, not once a year or once a quarter.

Built with a focus on usability and innovation, our platform helps empower you to increase employee performance, engagement, and retention  by:

  • Enabling "continuous check-ins" between employees and managers
  • Providing frequent manager and peer "micro-feedback”
  • Closing employee skills gaps with learning provided at the right time (in conjunction with the Vie Learning platform)

Modern, mobile-friendly, web-based features create a smooth and simple user experience.  We know that a platform that’s easy to use gets used. 

Continuous 1:1 Management

The yearly review just isn’t cutting it anymore. Employees want continuous feedback so they know where they stand and can adjust accordingly. Managers can set up frequent 1:1s that provide employees with clear direction throughout the year. This allows managers and employees to set appropriate goals together and determine achievable milestones.

Goals & Tasks

Goals and Tasks facilitates ongoing engagement so that employees and managers can see accomplishments on their timelines, align goals to larger company goals, and ensure continued progress. Once an employee sets goals, they’ll receive reminders that help them work toward their goals. It’s just another way to help employees grow and stay focused on improving their careers

Manager Dashboard

All your insights as a manager will live on one page, in an easy-to-understand dashboard. Updated in real time so you can see exactly what’s happening on your team, the manager dashboard is an at-a-glance strategy for addressing critical issues, like team and individual assessments, 1:1 frequency, and agenda items.

Skills Assessment

Skills assessments help managers to quickly identify training gaps and growth opportunities on an individual or  team level.  But we take it a step further and provide the opportunity for peer assessment too.  We’ve found that hearing feedback from managers AND peers dramatically increases an employee’s learning & growth.  Managers can easily identify individuals who are proficient in certain skills and assign them to mentor those in need of improvement.  

Employee Timeline

Automatically generated from 1:1s and other platform activity, the Employee Timeline allows employees and managers to see a view of performance, complete with milestones, tasks, areas for improvement, and future goals. It enables employees to show their development and progress over time, cultivating their own “personal brand” in a visual display.

Analytics & Insights

Easy to read dashboards and actionable insights allow you to view information around employee performance data for metrics like 1:1 frequency, goal alignment, skills gaps, and more.

Architecture & Security

The cloud architecture—built on Amazon Web Services infrastructure— provides unmatched availability, scalability, and reliability which includes:

  • Redundancy of computing resources with active monitoring for failure detection and automated failover.
  • Real-time performance tuning via automated provisioning of resources to respond to spikes and peak usage times to minimize performance degradation.
  • Data protection through data replication, backup/restore, and disaster recovery procedures.
  • Load-balanced application servers and aggressive data caching for superior web performance.
  • Rolling release schedule of upgrades and updates, rarely incurring system downtime.

Customer Success Team

Knowledgeable team that has quickly and effectively launched hundreds of organizations in their technical implementation - whether it’s content, single sign on or some of the finer settings in your environment.  Training is tailored to your organization to ensure you’ll be fully capable of utilizing every capability.  24/7/365 to answer any and all questions you may have.