Client Results


"The on-boarding platform that vie™ created and implemented for new hires produced incredible business results when measured. We saw 87% greater revenue lift, 40% greater productivity, and first year turnover decreased from 17% to 4%. That’s when we decided we needed to leverage this for our tenured sales executives as well. We couldn’t afford not to."
- President, Sales & Service

"Just wanted to let you know that the wonderful training I had with you helped me in closing a new account worth over $5 million. Some of the key items that helped was doing the immersion work beforehand and the needs analysis questions yielded a lot of conversation and set us apart from other companies who were vying for the business. It was a tough one, but thanks to what I learned at your training, I knew we could get this one and we did!"
- Account Executive

"At vie™, they don’t force a concept or sales methodology upon your organization. Instead they learn what your very best do to be successful, create a model for that success, and turn it into the most intense, real life simulated sales environment my sales team has ever participated in. This blueprint for success was very eye opening for my people. They are much better prepared for client situations, especially with handling objections before they arise, and closing the sale. I would strongly recommend that any sales leader who is serious about hiring, retaining and maximizing top sales talent make vie™ a part of their training."
-Vice President of Sales

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