How We Define Success

PHASE 1: The Blueprint


Key practices, disciplines, and competencies required throughout the selling and coaching processes for top performance are identified.

Impact to Measurement
The Blueprints help to create the standards of excellence when it comes to behaviors and skills in which the sales executives can be measured against.

Blue prints for selling and coaching excellence

PHASE 2: SEAL Training


  • SEAL is designed to help the sales executives and sales leaders understand the Blueprints and how to incorporate them into their daily selling and coaching.
  • It incorporates intense simulations that replicate real-life selling situations. This provides critical practice with key elements of the Blueprints allowing sales executives/sales leaders to understand where the gaps and strengths are and how best to raise their selling excellence.
  • Coaching components are also a key part of SEAL so that sales leaders have a plan of where and how they need to coach their sales executives.


The SEAL methodology creates the platform to observe sales executives in action with key elements of the Blueprint. It exposes skill and knowledge gaps and strengths and provides feedback/coaching on how to improve. This becomes part of the coaching toolkit and game plans (critical tools to measure progress) moving forward.

Each sales executive will create a game plan that focuses on how they expect to continue their progress and apply the Blueprint in their day-to-day selling.

Each sales leader will create a coaching game plan that focuses on how they expect to coach each of their sales executives over the next months.

PHASE 3: SEAL Coaching and Reinforcement

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