Perspective from Mumbai

  We all get exposed to things that stop us in our tracks. It can be something small that causes a little bit of perspective or it can be something much bigger that causes us to examine our lives and consider an entirely different way of thinking. A recent business trip to Mumbai, India left […]

Business lessons from Olympic Women’s Hockey

              There is always something special to be taken away from sports and the 2014 winter Olympics have provided plenty of examples that translate into great life and business lessons. The latest is the result of the USA Vs. Canada women’s hockey gold medal game. It was a close, […]

Feedback – Where Managers Go Wrong

Let’s talk about one of the most important elements of coaching a high performing sales team – Delivering effective feedback. Feedback is one of those things that can make or break performance and talent development, but time after time, we see challenges when it comes to effectively using feedback as a coaching tool.  And despite […]

A story about high cholesterol, a vegan diet and sales excellence

Our health is deteriorating and things need to change. But, c’mon, you know that. We eat poorly and don’t exercise nearly enough. Obesity, diabetes, and heart disease have reached such alarming levels— the government is getting involved. (16-ounce soda anyone?) Our health insurance premiums have risen three times more than our wages have over the last decade, […]

The definition of SALES INSANITY! A few SANE thoughts for 2014.

You know the definition of insanity, right?   Doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  So let’s self-reflect for a minute and consider our own insanity when it comes to the way we engage with our clients. But first, a reality check – we’ve been in the midst of an economic climate that […]

The Power of Silence

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have witnessed a well-meaning seller walk straight past a critical moment of client decision-making by not availing themselves of the great power of Silence. Across many cultures and traditions, silence is often revered as a way to derive focus, peace and power. But as Americans we […]


Have you ever been told to be more confident? Have you ever told one of your sales people to be more confident? Exactly what were we hoping for when sharing this advice? This is perhaps the easiest advice to give and at the same time, the worst.  It means absolutely nothing to those hearing it.  […]


By Paul Shapiro This weekend in the NFL, almost half of the games played were significantly impacted by fumbles. And this week was not an anomaly.  In fact, every NFL game was recently analyzed over a 10 year period* and the results painted a vivid and consistent picture of what happens when the ball is […]