Who We Are

We are Sales.

We spent much of our career as sales executives and leaders living the key practices that it takes to be successful in this rapidly evolving business climate.

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We are committed to relevance.

We’ve seen companies spend quite a bit of money on consultants and trainers over the years and for the most part were uninspired by their relevance and ability to effectively drive long-term change. At vie, every moment of our engagements have significant relevance and value – period. We don’t force a pre-packaged or proprietary model on you. We build and implement strategies, training, tools and metrics completely aligned to your client engagement and selling process. This includes incorporating internal best practices, expectations from sales leadership, and insight on what’s best in class. This ensures everything is intensely relevant, credible and is customized to address every participant's individual needs.

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We make sure expectations are crystal clear.

And that means having a solid Blueprint to follow so that expectations are clear.  We know that having a roadmap for excellence at every step of the selling process is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

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We understand the importance of practice.

To be good at anything, practice is vital. Unfortunately, many sales people show up for client meetings with little or no practice, hoping for a positive outcome. We have seen the most dramatic results when a salesperson takes practice as serious as the game – that’s why it’s a significant part of what we do.

And we are coaching fanatics.